Bowen Zhou

Bowen Zhou

Student pursuing a PhD degree of Computer Science and Technology

Southeast University


I received the B.E. degree in Computer Science and Technology from Anhui University in 2021. I am currently a student pursuing a Ph.D degree of Computer Science and Technology in Southeast University.

When I was a sophomore in Anhui University, I entered the Intelligent Software and Edge Computing (ISEC) lab to do scientific research, under the guidance of Prof. Xuejun Li and Prof. Yi Xu. My research interests include Edge Computing and Edge Intelligence. Compared to my peers, I have more profound experience in scientific research. Now my supervisor is Prof. Fang Dong in Southeast University.

  • Edge Computing
  • Edge Intelligence
  • BEng in Computer Science and Technology, 2021

    Anhui University

Recent Publications

(2022). Dynamic Path Based DNN Synergistic Inference Acceleration in Edge Computing Environment. ICPADS 2021 (CCF C 类会议).

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(2021). Parallel Task Scheduling Algorithm Based on Collaborative Device and Edge in UAV Delivery System. CIMS (EI 检索期刊).


(2020). Edge4Sys: A Device-Edge Collaborative Framework for MEC Based Smart Systems. ASE 2020 (CCF A 类会议,Distinguished “Late Breaking Result Paper” Award).

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(2020). Energy Efficient Computing Task Offloading Strategy for Deep Neural Networks in Mobile Edge Computing. CIMS (EI 检索期刊).


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